The Science of Color

If you use red to sell your product, you’re probably going to have more success. The same is true with yellow, which is the next best color choice. Advertisers and marketers have known this for many years, but scientists know it, too. The science of color says that reds and yellows make people want to buy things. Their heart rate increases and their pupils dilate just a bit. The colors excite these people. Sometimes an advertiser will use a color simply because it draws attention to a product. Other times color is used because it has a specific association with something the product relates to or something that the advertiser wants the consumer to think of. In the past colors were just chosen almost randomly, but the science of color is something that most companies and advertising firms take very seriously in today’s competitive market.

For companies who are concerned about health, green is a good choice. Because it symbolises nature and makes people think of plants and healthy, growing things and rebirth it only makes sense that these companies would want to use something that would connect with consumers in that way. The science of color isn’t just used for food, though. It can be used for hundreds of different types of products and it all depends on what kind of message the company wants to convey. This science also tells us that we should have no more than three colors per item when it comes to advertising and product packaging, because too many colors are confusing and can send a mixed message that consumers find unappealing. It is important that messages in the advertising industry be clear if products are to sell well.

The science of color can extend to people, too, and the colors that they choose to wear. If a person wears red or purple, he or she exhibits passion and strength and power. Some say that purple (not lavender) is the color of royalty. Yellow indicates a sunny disposition, and people who wear blue or green are usually calmer individuals – and they help make others feel calm, as well. Black and white are often used for elegance, such as men’s formal attire. Not everyone wears a particular color because it makes them feel good, but color is important in many aspects of our lives, and it can make a difference in how we feel and how we relate to our environment and others around us.