Running a little slow…

Sorry for the sluggishness of the website over the past couple of days, traffic is climbing (that’s a good thing right?!?) and the server is having trouble keeping up.

I’m working on upgrading the server.

Thank you for your patience.

Word List Coming

Thank you to the many people who’ve contacted me over the past few days suggesting that I add a word list to the website, not just having a search option.  Seem people are curious and want to poke around so see what people are thinking.

I hadn’t really thought people would be interested in browsing the word list. I expected people would have a word in mind before coming to the website and want to know the voting results for that word.

The emails point to the contrary so I’ll be adding a word list to the website in the next few days.

First Week Review

The website has been live for just over a week now, what better time for a little review.

Thank you to the nearly 15K visitors who have voted over 35K times on a growing list of words. We’ve already seen some great results, but I’ll review those at a later time.

Below you’ll find some links to blog posts about Cymbolism. Thank you to anyone who took the time to link to Cymbolism, more visitors will make this resource even more helpful:

Devlounge: Cymbolism: An Interview with Mubashar Iqbal
Wisdump: Cymbolism and color sensitivity
Hexday: Cymbolism
Team Forty: Cymbolism | Words & Colors

Please continue to submit your suggestions for words, and keep voting.


Like many of the websites I build, Cymbolism is a tool that I wish already existed.

The theory that associates colors with moods and emotions has existed for a very long time. Whilst many studies have been conducted over the years to study the relationship, they only serve to provide a window into a powerful tool for any designer.

Cymbolism hopes to break open that window and provide valuable information for designers when creating their next project. Just how a color is perceived changes over time, and Cymbolism will keep track of those changes, making sure designers keep in tune with their targets.

We’re putting the finishing touches to the website, building up the word database, but we’d love to hear any thoughts you may have.

This blog will serve a dual purpose: informing visitors as to the latest and future developments on Cymbolism; and providing news and information on the theory of Color Symbolism, and Psychology.