Examples of Color in Advertising

There are a lot of examples of color used in advertising. One of the most obvious of them is ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures that are seen with so many products that are designed to rejuvenate. In the before pictures the colors are often dark and dreary, making the individual look as though he or she is depressed and unwell. In the after pictures the colors are bright and vibrant, giving the impression that the person is happy and healthy and fit. Often, very little about the actual person has changed – perhaps some makeup or a different hairstyle – but he or she looks drastically different because of the color that was employed in the picture. It makes the person who is looking at the picture see much more than what is actually there because of the feelings it brings.

For people who advertise food, they use hot and warm colors. Bright red and bright yellow are the best colors for this so the fast food restaurants try to use them as much as they can in order to make sure that people patronize their establishments. You will rarely see blue in a restaurant because blue is a calming color. It slows people’s heart rate, reduces their appetite, and makes them more relaxed. That’s not a good thing for a place that wants you to eat (and spend) as much as possible. Black and white can work well, too, but you have to know what it’s used for and handle it the right way. They are very stark and serious colors, and as such they have to be used the right way. If there is nothing to balance them they can turn people away, but they are also associated with elegance so people who see them often think of expensive items – especially if they are accented with just a little bit of red, gold, or silver.

There is so much color in advertising that it can sometimes become overwhelming. Everyone has seen advertisements in magazines, on television, or on the Internet that are too bright and too busy. They can be annoying and feel intrusive. In order to get away from those, advertisers need to pay more attention to the role that color plays in the minds and emotions of individuals. Using colors appropriately is the way into the hearts and minds of the people who the advertisers are trying to reach.


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