First Week Review

The website has been live for just over a week now, what better time for a little review.

Thank you to the nearly 15K visitors who have voted over 35K times on a growing list of words. We’ve already seen some great results, but I’ll review those at a later time.

Below you’ll find some links to blog posts about Cymbolism. Thank you to anyone who took the time to link to Cymbolism, more visitors will make this resource even more helpful:

Devlounge: Cymbolism: An Interview with Mubashar Iqbal
Wisdump: Cymbolism and color sensitivity
Hexday: Cymbolism
Team Forty: Cymbolism | Words & Colors

Please continue to submit your suggestions for words, and keep voting.

3 Responses to “First Week Review”

  1. Just stumbled across this site, great idea, great implementation.

    All I would ask for is a way to see all of the results in one place, rather than just on a ‘per word’ basis. If this is already here, I apologise.

    Many thanks, great work.

  2. Hi. Not sure exactly what you mean about wanting to see all the results in one page, that would be a lot of results :)

    Perhaps you’d like the ability to compare the results of certain word? Feel free to email me with details if you prefer.

  3. I guess what I meant was that are a number of ways your data could be visualised to great effect.

    For example, how about showing just the most-voted-for colour for each word, or grouping all of the words based on this colour instead?

    Just some ideas, I love this concept and I think you could show off your data in different ways to make it even more useful.

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